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Excellent Transmission Service in Northern New Jersey

These are very talented people. Very honest and reliable. Their name fits them to a T. My work was done in 2004, and I sold my car in 2011.

Transmission repair is such a crapshoot with the amount of grifters out there. I was recommended by a friend. He told me that this is the only place that he would trust to take his car for transmission work. I totally agree.

I live in Manhattan and didn't think twice about taking my car out to Little Ferry, NJ for the rebuild. Heck, they are basically just over the George Washington Bridge. Rich even gave me a ride to the PATH Train, which was really going out of his way. What a great guy!

I brought my 1991 Toyota there with it slipping badly. I have enough experience to know that it was the transmission, especially after 120,000 miles. Rich scheduled me for an appointment one week away and I dropped the car off.

He didn't promise an exact date because things come up. I got the car back in a week and it was spectacular. Quality rebuilt the transmission and actually made it stronger. I drove the car for another 145,000 miles and the transmission performed like new. I was wowed.

I tend to keep my cars a long time. If my current car ever needs transmission work, Quality will be the first place that I go...even for something as simple as a transmission oil change. A total pleasure to deal with. - Hoppy J. Manhattan, NY - 5.0 star rating 6/29/2015
Brought my 2003 Acura TL Type S there after hard 2nd gear shifts were felt. I had replaced the transmission already with a newer unit, but your never know with V6 Honda/Acura transmission's. After Rich (the owner) took the car for a day and ran physical and data test on it, it was found to be my coil packs are misfiring. Rich and his colleagues are very professional and knowledgeable. He did not even want anything for the information he had given me, a true stand up guy. Take your vehicle there for true and honest advice, 30 years of being there says something!!! - E T. Carlstadt, NJ - 5.0 star rating 1/12/2015
My wife and I were driving from DC to Boston last December for my grandmother's funeral, and stopped to get gas at the end of the NJ turnpike. When I went to drive away, my car wouldn't move. Although not a car person, I was pretty sure my transmission was cooked.

We limped to a nearby hotel, and the next morning set off in search of an auto repair shop. The first place we went wasn't open, so we happened upon Quality Transmission. I decided to play it cool, and not let on that we were stranded 4 hours from home, on our way to a funeral (oh, and that we had to be back in DC in three days to close on our first house). Rich, the owner, apologized, said he was really busy, and wouldn't be able to help us for a couple of days. My plan to stay cool went out the window, and I broke down and told him our whole situation. He was super nice about it, and told us he would take a look. He went for a test drive, and came back with the bad news: the transmission needed to be rebuilt. We'd be looking at thousands of dollars, and a couple of weeks (it was days before Christmas).

My wife and I went next door for some donuts and to figure out a plan - we figured the funeral was a bust; our new priority was getting back to DC for closing with enough money left to actually close. A few minutes later, Rich comes into the restaurant and says that one of his mechanics thinks he can fix the car in a day for half the price. Finally a bit of good news - Rich calls a rental car company for us, and we decide to hightail it to Boston for the funeral.

We make it to cheers from my family, and leave immediately after the funeral to head back to NJ to pickup the car, trusting that Rich will come through for us. As we're pulling into Little Ferry, we get the call from him - the car is ready, and it's shifting fine. My wife cries. This man is a saint.

I can honestly say that if I ever needed transmission work again, I would do my damnedest to get my car to Little Ferry, NJ and have Rich work on it again. He was kind, understanding, and fair. We were fish in a barrel, with no other options, and not only did he not take advantage of our situation, he went above an beyond to find a solution that would not only save us money, but that would let us get to both my grandmother's funeral and make it to our closing. - Steve B. Washington, DC - 5.0 star rating 10/13/2014