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Quality Transmissions Serving the Bergen County Area since 1984!

Trust your vehicle to the most recommended transmission shop in Bergen County. Quality Transmissions is a family owned and operated business. For over 30 years we have been providing our customers with professional, affordable, and MOST of all, top quality repairs. Complete customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!
Check Engine Light On?
The malfunction indicator light (MIL) can be a great tool if you utilize it SOON after it illuminates. It comes on when your vehicles powertrain control module (PCM) senses any kind of problem, electrical or mechanical, most times before you can feel anything out of the ordinary. So if that MIL is on, it would be most beneficial to you to call the Pros at Quality Transmission Service and have the problem properly diagnosed with our state of the art computerized equipment. Services are available for all foreign and domestic front, rear, four-wheel & AWD drive vehicles. Commercial fleet accounts are also welcome.
With our state of the art technology, we will provide you with an honest and professional diagnosis. We will only recommend the repairs necessary to get your vehicle back to its peak operating condition, nothing more, nothing less. Check our online reviews first and your decision will be EASY!